03-2013 EBC

Echo, also known as O’Ech when our respective choruses change the downbeat in their chanting (you just tried it, didn’t you…)!

Echo formed in December 2010, hailing from three different choruses: Beckie (bari) from Surrey Harmony, Karen (tenor) from Spinnaker – both on the south coast of England – and Claire (bass) and Emma (lead) from Heartbeat – in the north-west of England. You might have spotted a geographical challenge there. We’re a long distance quartet and incredibly familiar with the UK road network, particularly the A515, A38, A446, M42, M40, A34, M3, M27, every possible permutation thereof, and the McD’s at Basset’s Pole.

At the time of writing we’ve one fiancé, one grandchild, one dog, two husbands, six children, seven cats and at least 75 years (!) barbershop singing under our belts. Our love of pink wine (still or sparkling) is only just outdone by our joy in singing together, all the time in an effort to improve our skill whilst hopefully bringing pleasure and entertainment to others.

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  • 2014 welcomed into the LABBS QC’s
  • 2013 Sweet Adelines International Convention, Hawaii, USA
  • 2013 LABBS quartet champions
  • 2013 Sweet Adelines International Region 31 silver medallists
  • 2013 European silver medallists
  • 2012 Sweet Adelines International Convention, Denver, USA
  • 2012 Sweet Adelines International Region 31 quartet champions
  • 2012 SABS International quartet champions
  • 2011 Sweet Adelines International Region 31 bronze medallists

Echo’s trivia corner The dictionary definitions of the word ‘echo’:

  1. noun a sound that is heard after it has been reflected off a surface such as a wall or a cliff
  2. noun a detail that is similar to and makes you remember something else
  3. verb if a sound echoes or a place echoes with a sound, you hear the sound again because you are in a large, empty space
  4. verb to repeat details that are similar to, and make you think of, something else

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