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We find that singing is great for confidence, friendship and fun.

Do you already sing and want to be part of a fun and successful group?
Do you want to sing or learn to sing? In Heartbeat Chorus we aim to teach singing and performance skills every week. We have an accomplished music team who bring their expertise to the chorus as well as engaging outside coaches who bring us new skills.

If you think that you would like to join Heartbeat Chorus – please come along to one of our rehearsals to see what you think. We meet every Thursday 7.30 – 10pm at Werneth High School

Alternatively contact us here

If you are interested and return for a second week then we usually give you a quick voice test to see what range your voice sits in and which part would suit you best. We sing in 4 part harmony and the 4 parts are:

Lead – sings the melody around an alto range
Tenor – sings above the melody in a soprano range
Bass – sings below the melody for ladies with a lower voice range
Baritone – sings above and below the melody (contains the tricky notes!) and around the alto range

Please come along. We look forward to meeting you.

Feel free to email our president: [email protected]

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